Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Buy FIFA 15 Coins to Win As Many Tournaments You Want

While playing football video game, shortage of money can really make you frustrated, especially when you desperately want to include some of the best players in your team. Well, in such a nerve-racking situation the FUT 15 coins come to rescue. These virtual coins are popularly referred to as FIFA Ultimate Team currency. In order to obtain these coins you can reach out to a number of e-stores who sell them at reasonable prices. However, before dealing with a company you need to be very couscous about them. And for that do necessary research. Though most of the e-shops claim to be the best in their dealing, there is always another side to this. A few e-stores offer fake coins in the name of virtual cheap FIFA 15 coins. So, be aware about them and invest very carefully.

In order to find a reliable e-store selling these virtual coins you should consider finding more about the company before making any deal with them. Their website can help you know regarding their work procedure in details.

When it comes to understanding the benefits of having a large number of fifa 15 coins, take a look at the following points:

Buy the players you want
If you are a real football video game enthusiast you will definitely target to win each match you play. And in order to materialize this dream you need to have the best of the players. These virtual currencies therefore help you to buy the best of players and build a strong squad.

Reach out to the sponsors and coaches 
Having a bagful of FIFA coins will help you reach out to the best of sponsors and coaches. While the sponsors will advertise your team, your coach will train your players for the tournaments.

Purchase training coins 
With the help of these FIFA 15 coins you can buy training coins. These coins are bought to give appropriate coaching to the players. Such team-building trainings help the players to learn more about team coordination. You may a well-coordinated team can earn you success in the game.

Win Tournaments
Buying the best of players to build an unbeatable team is a sure-shot way to success. Moreover, on having FUT coins you can even approach good coaches and buy training coins, which anyway is going to better your squad even more. As a result of this you can win a large number of tournaments earning more coins as rewards.

Besides buying these coins there are many players who prefer to play and win games in order to obtain these virtual currencies. However, it may not be possible for you to win each game with a not-so-skilled team and in the end of the day when you look into your account you will hardly find any coins. Therefore, buying these coins anyways is a better option. Just make sure your potential e-store has safe and secured payment option. To ensure this you can visit their privacy policy or terms and conditions page.

5 Ways Of Making Coins With The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Unlike the previous FIFA games, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team now has the ability of performing a global transfer network amongst the team players allowing for the game player to make some FIFA coins, for themselves. The scouting and the searching of talent allows for you to sell and buy some players; just like in the real world of football. With over 3.4 million game matches played on a daily basis, the game players are assured of making a trade. Here are some tips of making the FIFA 15 coins.

1.) Sell one on one the players that you have developed in order to earn the FIFA 15 coins,
You need to click here, on the option of the online survey in order to help you evaluate the ratings of the Players of your team. Players with higher dribbling skills together with a high sprinting speed usually trend more with other game players around the world. If you happen to own one, you can click here, and put them up for sale at a higher price so that you fetch more coins for yourself.

2.) You need to visit the website, of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in order to compete with other players around the world.
FIFA 15 Ultimate team has been programmed with a never before new feature that allows for a person to visit the website, of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team to compete with other FIFA players around the world on a global scale. Additionally, the game now stores your statistics and the results as well for the season played; allowing you to earn yourself some coins of the FlFA 15.

3.) Auction some players after a series of wins at fifa 15 coins
It is quite important for the beginners who are just getting started in the playing of the FlFA 15 computer game to play with the team players that they are provide with first in the game. After series of wins by playing with using them, the individual team players would have accumulated more value to themselves. The game player might then decide to auction them at fifa 15!, to earn some coins for themselves.

4.)As a FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player, you need to be buying online the team managers for your team.
You need to be smart when purchasing club managers for your team. Managers work on a contractual basis hence, auction them at the end of the game season helps you to earn more coins for yourself after the team managers have accumulated more value for themselves.

5.) You need to be buying players whom you expect to perform better with time.
Purchase the team players earlier at a time when they haven't accumulated much value for themselves. After playing using them in a series of games and have won several matches with them, auction at a higher Price. This is the best and surest way of earning the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

FIFA 15 Daily Happy Hours Begins December 19: Mega packs (25k)

FIFA fans all know,Every year, EA releases FUTMas. It is a good time to buy FIFA 15 packs because there are Happy Hours every single day.Celebrate the holidays with Ultimate Team. From December 19 to January 2, special FUTmas pack offers and tournaments will be available every 24 hours in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. With something new every day there’s no better time to find those special in-form players.

Usually, during FUTMas EA Sports releases special tournaments with really great prizes, like they did last year with Jack Frost Invitational in which they offered one ball, one players pack and 4k coins to the on line winner. This time it may be even better because the tournaments have better prizes.

FUTMas is also a good time to buy packs because there are lots of Happy Hours featuring packs that it is hard to find in the rest of the year. 100k Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Consumables Pack are just two good examples.

FUTMas is also responsible for getting down the prices on the FIFA 15 market which means that, even if you don’t think to buy packs, you may take advantage of it to buy the player you need or a full squad by a much better price.

But FUTMas is not the only good thing about Christmas for FUT gamers. EA is giving away amazing prizes this holiday season. Prepare yourself for their biggest social give away of the year. ’15 Days of FIFA’ starts on December 11 and runs until December 25.Enjoy your FUTmas!


FUT 15 Investment Coin Making Step-by-step summary Guide

Since the launch of FUT 15 we’ve released numerous FIFA coin making methods and guides in order to give our loyal customers the tools to make coins for themselves.This easy-to-follow guide will cater for those of you wishing to make decent coins, without the risk of one bad investment ruining all your hard work!

To begin, you will all know that every player in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has a quick sell (discard) value. These quick sell values are essentially a safety net, providing you with an insured amount of coins.

Step-by-step summary:
1.Gauge how susceptible a chosen player is to rise in price (both in the short term and long term).
2.For your reference, check the listed quick sell values to see whether it can act as a safety net on your investment.
3.Invest and hold that player.
4.Sell at an inflated price (hopefully) when you feel the time is right. You should use your experience of the FUT 15 Transfer Market here, but we’ll provide analysis further on in this guide.
5.Use the profit you make to re-invest in other players (preferably hovering around their quick sell value, or their consistent going rate, further limiting the risk). It’s difficult to lose many coins if the player is purchased outside of a market crash period, and consistently sells at the rate you purchase him for.

The key to gauging how susceptible a player is to rise in price is to think in terms of their supply and demand. Assuming no events cause a fluctuation in supply (keep an eye out for these), you should pay particular attention to their demand.

We hope you now have a better understanding at how you can use discard values to your advantage, and also how hype and player performances can be used to make serious coinage.Btw if you need really cheap fifa 15 coins, you are welcome to visit fifa15-coins.com.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Easy ways to make fifa coins quickly

Have you been confronted with lack of fifa coins on your way up to glory of your ultimate team? You are right here to learn one part of the game, namely, trading. Though trading, you can experience part of the game and earn enough cash to make your game more fun. There are some tips for you to follow. Let's get started.

Many people make the mistake of constantly buying players which is wrong. If you want to make money you need to be patient and bid as much as you can. You should find a player who is BIN (buy it now) and bid at a low price.When bidding, you should look for players that have a bid start price of 150. The good thing with these players is that they usually don't sell for more than their BIN price and they are often much cheaper.Although, it's wise to bid for players that start at 150, you should avoid getting into a bidding war as this will most likely cost you more money than the player is worth.

Price fixing
While this method is frowned upon by many of the FIFA community, it's a great way of making a lot of money. Here you should buy all of a specific player and repost each at a higher price. For ideal results you should work with players that are few. It's also wise to work with inform players.

Be Nocturnal
The number of players usually drops late at night and as a result there are a large number of cards that are not bid on. There are also very many cards that have very low bids.You should take advantage of this by bidding low during the night and then selling the cards during the day when there are many players. It's also wise to sell the cards on weekends when there are many people to play the games.

These are the tips on how to make FIFA 15 coins. You should remember that you should always work towards making profit regardless of the amount that you make.If you are trading and you notice that you can't make a large profit, you should go ahead and trade; however, for you to make a large profit you should engage in many trades.When deciding on the price that you should sell a player, you should always be aware of EA's percentage. EA takes a 5% commission on every sale that you make; therefore Feature Articles, you should always consider the commission.Have fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Filter Intelligently with the 59th Minute Method to make fifa 15 coins

One of the recommendations that we do is to not search for all FIFA Ultimate Team players on page of 59 minutes and 50 seconds. Firstly, because the way to get to this page is too long and you will probably quit. Secondly, because the information you will need to examine is so extensive that is almost impossible for you to know the real market price of all cards.

To make use of filters intelligently is halfway to success. Here is what is important to do:
Define a market sample that you know well
Choose a single nationality, a single league or even a single player. If you know well the market into the filtered sample, you easily identify the targets to buy and quicker you will be in this procedure. However, you should be aware that if the filter is too restrictive, then the speed will not be important because you will never see any interesting card. The trick is to create a balanced filter for a market which you are expert and constantly update the page closer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. To reach this page, there are those who use  special software such as auto-click.

Do not search the same thing as others
Needless to say that is a bad strategy to make a filter only for a regular Messi card. There are many gamers looking for the highest possible profit. So, there are many people making filters for Messi cards. Try something different. Try filter something you have real chance to get.

Pay attention to the number of cards that circulate in the market
The odds of doing business are higher if the chosen filter covers cards that trade a lot in the market.

Pay attention to the value of the cards filtered
Naturally, applying the 59th Minute Method to cards that worth 1,000 or 2,000 fifa 15 coins is very unrewarding. Who loses so much time expect a consistent reward. When you apply the filter, you must be careful to select cards with some monetary expression. Finding a Thiago Silva at half price is not quite the same thing as finding a Mario Gomez at half price.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Making Guide:Cards Discard

FIFA Coins: who does not want them? There are many different methods to gather fifa 15 coins.Today we will share in the details of making coins with Discarding Cards.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, club’s assets are represented by cards. These cards can mean the possession of players, technical staff, property or even the ability to change the moral, tactical positioning or physical condition. None of these cards have a fixed price. All of them are ruled by the FIFA Ultimate Team market.[pullright]Some people put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell.[/pullright] The only way to acquire them is buying them, either through exchange for coins and / or other items, either by purchasing packs. The reverse process can be made through the sale / exchange, its use in the case of consumables or through  the more direct way of all: the discard. This last method is based on the item elimination throught the use of a function called “quick sell ‘. We stopped being the owners of discarded cards but receive some coins as compensation. If you know what you are doing, you can earn a lot of cheap fifa 15 coins discarding cards.

Every time we discard an item, we are compensated with the credit of some FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. However, in the majority of cases, such compensation is much lower than the market value of that card. But not always. By ignorance, some people put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell. The loss of some is the gain of others.

Here are the steps to apply this method:
Step Number One – Search
The first step is to search for items on the market which price is lower than the compensation of a quick sell. Use the search filters in order to be easier to find what you want.

Step Number Two – Buy
Once found the opportunity, it is time to acquire it. Buy the item as cheaply as you can but do not get overtaken by other players who may be trying to do the same. If the opportunity is too good, you can use the option ‘Buy now': by a predetermined value by the seller, you can purchase the item before the auction ends.

Step Number 3 – Sell
Any surplus value materializes with the sale. Once you have the card in your possession, discard it doing a quick sell. Unlike the sales made in the market, you do not pay taxes on the quick sell.