Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Enjoy FIFA 15 Team of the Year With 3% Discount Cheap Coins

FIFA 15 Team of the Year (TOTY) is here now for 3 days! The official team of the year players have been revealed Mondy, Jan.12th and only be available for one week. In this day, the Golden Globe 2014 award are also announced.

Monday, Jan.12th - Best Squad of TOTY, has a chance to get within 48 hours.
Wednesday, Jan.14th - Best Midfielder of TOTY, has a chance to get within 48 hours.
Friday, Jan.16th - Best Forward of TOTY, has a chance to get within 48 hours.

This is crazy time of the year for players, someone said this FIFA 15 TOTY likes last year that maybe you have a chance to get the front, midfield and backcourt player on 7th day, is really? Now everyone are enjoy this roundtable, and the price is rise 20%+ compared to the same time of last year, if you have needs for TOTY, please buy FIFA 15 coins on XBOX & PlayStation in advance. Official news of the TOTY Squads round table and FIFA 15 the Akinfenwa's Team of the Year video you can know.

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