Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Earn Real Money by selling FIFA Coins

Most of the FIFA  Ultimate Team players want to build a dream team but do not know how to collect all the fifa 15 coins they need or they do not want to take such work. There are more and more players willing to pay real money to overcome this problem.

If you are good trader, this could be a business opportunity for you. All the coins you collect can be turned into cash. Just gather as many coins as possible, find a buyer and make the deal.

Usually this transaction is made as follows:
1) the interested party carrying out the payment through the way agreed (PayPal, bank transfer or other);
2) the buyer puts a card in the auction market with the same BIN (Buy it Now) that the amount of coins he want to buy;
3) the seller buy that card by the agreed coins plus 5% to cover the EA tax.

If you really want to make money with this method, hurry up. The coins devaluate over time.
Even if you need them to build your team, you can always sell them a month before the FIFA 15 launch, when the coins have not yet reached the lower price.

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