Friday, October 24, 2014

Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins to Play FIFA 15 with Suarez on Oct. 26

All football fans should never be strange to Luis Suarez. He is wild-known for his bite to an Italian defender in 2014 World Cup. For this issue, he has been banned four months. Recently, there is a report that Suarez will never appear in FIFA 15 until his ban lifts on October 26.

Suarez’s bite in 2014 World Cup
In 2014 World Cup Uruguay vs Italy match, Suarez took a bite to Italian defender Chiellini in the 79th minute. Since Suarez fell to the ground, and managed to convince the referee that he was punched, the referee did not give him a yellow or red card on the field. But several days later, the two sides checked the marker on Chiellini’s shoulder, and finally, Suarez got a four-month ban.

Speaking of Suarez’s bite, two men before Chiellini run into it so that Suarez had been suspended 7 matches and 10 matches respectively after matches.

Suarez unavailable in FIFA before Oct. 26
Time flies! FIFA 15 has been launched out with applauds while the four-month ban for Suarez will be not valid for longer than a month. In spite of that, there is a tweet from Chuboi saying that Luis Suarez will not be available in Ultimate Team, Career Mode or Tournaments in FIFA 15 until his ban lifts on the 26th of October. But he is still in the game and can be found in the reserves in Kick Off Matches.

It is not the first time for Suarez to be delayed in FIFA games due to his aggressive behaviors in World Cups. In FIFA 14 Summer Transfer, Suarez had been delayed to transfer. It is a rest or a punishment, do you think?

EA never claimed that Suarez’s bite will appear in FIFA 15, but once he is available in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Tournament, is there any change? Anyway, you should collect cheap FIFA 15 coins in advance for an emergency.

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